Jason Hartsell

Hello there! My name is Jason Hartsell & I'm a
Technical Architect & Pixel Sage
living & working in Port Orchard, WA. I passionately move pixels & lines of code to craft clean, responsive, & user-friendly websites as well as mobile experiences.

Creative born, dev-driven

Jason Hartsell

Back in '05, I received a major in Visual Communication and a minor in Graphic Design from NAU. Although this is the extent of my formal education, I continue to educate myself well beyond what an institutionalized curriculum can offer. It's not about a degree or piece of paper to me, it's about the know-how. Since then, I've been designing and developing websites professionally for years. Feel free to check me out on LinkedIn.

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Angular, Arduino, Backbone, CSS3, Expression Engine, Git, HTML5 / Canvas, Javascript/jQuery, Joomla, Less, Magento, Node, PHP, Ruby, Salesforce Commerce Cloud, Sass, Stylus, Titanium/Alloy, WordPress

My current focus & attention lies on:
C#, Python, React